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We all dream. We dream of success. We dream of having a certain lifestyle. We dream of having a body that we can be proud of. The NXT LVL Empire is dedicated to making your dreams a reality. We help take your life to the next level.



Living life on the next level is our passion. Helping you take your life to the next level is our goal. Whether you are looking to compete on stage, simply live a healthier lifestyle, or just look your very best we can help. 


No more wondering where to get the help you need to make your health and fitness goals a reality. The NXT LVL Empire offers only the best coaches with real qualifications you can trust to get you real results. We are "More than Fitness"... we are a lifestyle... we are a culture. We are your motivation, your coach, your fashion, your supplements, and your way to give back to others. Simply, we are your connection to all things needed to take your life to the next level. 



The NXT LVL Empire believes that taking your life to the NXT LVL isn't enough. As each of us reaches new levels of growth and success we have an obligation to help others do the same.​ A portion of every purchase made at The NXT LVL Empire goes towards a NXT LVL Philanthropy Project. Each NXT LVL Philanthropy Project is focused on helping others live a better life... a next level life.


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See how The NXT LVL Empire can help take your life to the next level.


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