NXT LVL Posing Coaching &

Fitness Consulting

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Having a NXT LVL physique is not enough when entering a competition. Knowing how to present (through posing) your hard work, personality, & physique on stage is just as important. Get coached by KING NXT LVL himself so you can bring your best look, your best posing, & your best package on stage. Time to make you a champion.

Coaching for ALL classes, both men and women, are available.

 Are you new to the competition world?

Are you nervous about what to expect at your first competition?

Maybe you are a seasoned veteran in the competition world or you simply want to turn your hard work and impressive physique into a way to produce income. 

Knowing where to start and having a trusted mentor as you embark on the exciting journey of competing or building a successful fitness company is what's most important. There's no need to figure things out on your own when you can be mentored by KING NXT LVL who has not only been down the road as a seasoned veteran in both the competition world & in the world of business in the fitness industry, but he has paved the way for you to follow.

Steve Thomas (KING NXT LVL) is ready to help you take your world to the next level. Whether you need a one time mentoring session or weekly meetings so you can have a trusted advisor beside you as you enter a competition or build your business Steve will share years worth of valuable knowledge to help bring your goals to reality.


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