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Ricky Kailiponi, Personal Trainer

ACE Certified, Bachelors of Science in Human Biology from Brigham Young University- Idaho and 15 years of experience in power-lifting and bodybuilding Ricky Kailiponi is the entire package when it comes to a personal trainer. Ricky played collegiate football at Southern Virginia University and has a competitive background in rugby, wrestling, and judo. His love of competing and pushing himself hard as a football player transformed into a love and passion for bodybuilding. Taking first place in 2016 at the NPC Kauai Cup in the Men's Heavy-weight Bodybuilding Class Ricky received a National Qualification. Ricky has been personally trained and mentored by IFBB Bodybuilding Pro and 2019 MR. Olympia Brandon Curry. Ricky is a dedicated family man to his wife Lynnie and to his three young sons. His passion and purpose is elevating individuals to higher levels of growth in all aspects of their lives: Physically, intellectually, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Steve Thomas, Personal Trainer

Given the nickname of "KING NXT LVL" because of how he lives his life- on the next level. Steve created the NXT LVL Empire so others could be inspired, elevate their lives, follow their heart, and live their dreams. Steve is a seasoned athlete, University Director, motivational speaker, Champion basketball player and coach, world traveler, entrepreneur, husband and father, and much more.

Steve's true passion is helping other realize the potential and power inside of themselves and take their lives to the next level. Steve has trained individuals from all walks of life; whether just beginning on their fitness journey, as well as advanced/seasoned level athletes. He has helped many athletes transform their lives, accomplish their goal of competing on a bodybuilding or fitness stage, has developed champions across many sports, and has trained athletes in multiple countries (online and in person).  


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