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The NXT LVL Empire believes that taking your life to the NXT LVL isn't enough. As each of us reaches new levels of growth and success we have an obligation to help others do the same.​ Each purchase made on our website means someone else's life is being taken to the NXT LVL. A portion of every purchase made at the NXT LVL Empire goes towards a NXT LVL Philanthropy Project. Each project is focused on elevating the lives of others everywhere to the next level.

The NXT LVL Empire: Together We Lift

The Beginning of an Empire

Long before the very thought & creation of the NXT LVL Empire, Steve Thomas (King NXT LVL & our Founder/CEO) traveled 8,691 miles to Uganda, Africa in 2010 with Professor David Pigott. Little did Steve know that trip would change his life and spark a fire inside of him that cannot be extinguished.

Steve grew up in Mississippi, one of the most impoverished states in the USA, and is familiar with poverty, but what he witnessed in Uganda indeed changed him forever.


Fast forward to the present day. Steve created the NXT LVL Empire to elevate the lives of every individual, from all walks of life, to the next level. His dream & vision was to create a company where fitness was the platform to bless the lives of those in poverty.

Today the NXT LVL Empire, along with key partners, athletes, and a dedicated executive team shines as a light in the fitness industry. All that we do is to lift others out of poverty and elevate them to new levels of growth, happiness, and prosperity.

Steve with the school children in Uganda

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NXT LVL Philanthropy Projects

While in Uganda Steve was introduced to Ayella Denis. It was as if brothers were reunited. Denis was 9 years old when his family was attacked by rebels. He was shot in the arm and leg and his parents were bound. The rebels tried to make Denis kill his own father but he refused so both of his parents were brutally murdered in front of him. His life was spared on the condition that he become a soldier. When he agreed he was taken away, beaten, often starved and forced to commit terrible atrocities. He tried to escape twice; the first time he was caught, severely beaten and nearly died. The second time he was successful. He had been a soldier for 9 years.

After his escape, Denis found himself wandering the streets of an empty Gulu, homeless, penniless and without an education. He lived in the Unama IDP camp until 2007 when he met an American, David Pigott, who was a professor of history filming a documentary in Gulu. After Denis told his story to the camera, David and his wife felt compelled to get Denis out of the camp and into school. Denis did very well in his studies but, because he was Acholi and the other students were from other tribes, Denis never fit in. Eventually, he abandoned his studies and made his way back to Gulu.

The camps were full when he got back to Gulu so he lived with a group of street kids and other homeless individuals, sharing what little food and resources they had. Denis also helped care for a neighbor, an elderly woman who had been trampled in a revolt. She was raising her orphaned grandson, a baby, named Sarfic. Because she was terribly injured, Denis brought her food and helped look after Sarfic everyday. Eventually, she was told by the doctors that she was dying. When Denis came to bring her food that day she refused to eat since she had no hope of recovery and food was so scarce. She begged Denis to take Sarfic after her death. Within the space of a few months Denis was caring for several orphans. Having no resources of his own, he turned to the Pigotts who provided the financial backing for Denis to rent a place to live in Gulu and eventually buy the land the orphanage currently occupies in a village ten miles outside of the city.

Today, with the help of the Pigotts and their non-profit organization, Enough to Spare, Denis now cares for 50+ children and helps another 218 orphans in the surrounding villages and many widows. When money is very tight, Denis will do shifts as a day laborer in the quarry and spend all the money he earns to feed the children. He is often up with them all night when they are vomiting blood from various maladies and raging fevers from malaria. He works tirelessly to support them. They call him "Daddy." (See References)

The first time Denis ever heard Hip Hop Music was with Steve

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Our main focus at the NXT LVL Empire is The Future is Now orphanage in Uganda. Every time a purchase is made from NXT LVL Empire a portion of our profits is donated to the orphanage. Our objective is to build a perimeter fence around the orphanage that will keep threats to the children and orphanage: Wildlife, rebels, thieves, etc. Our goal is by 2018 to raise the funds to both provide the materials to build the fence and personally construct it. 

NXT LVL Empire is more than a fitness company. We are in the business of changing lives. That is why our company motto is: Together We Lift.

There are many ways you can help elevate the lives of others to the next level. Explore The Empire and see how we can help take your fitness goals to the next level while you help others do the same in their own lives. You may also help the orphanage by donating.

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